Little Branch Butcher Update 11/12/21 - opening postponed. Click here to read about why, and where we go from here.

Hi, Friend.
We're Gary and Liz Hopkins

We wanted high quality poultry processing and packaging, and having to call around to find out who had openings just wasn't cutting it. We were frustrated with overbooked schedules and generic packaging.

That's why we started Little Branch Butcher.

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Gary and Liz have been raising chickens since 2016, starting with a small backyard flock. A few years ago, we began raising meat chickens and began selling them direct to consumer alongside our mushrooms at farmers markets across the region.

We decided that we wanted to increase our production and improve our packaging.

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Normally, customers are seeing poultry on the grocery store shelves with attractive packaging, and variety of products including ground and sausage. This type of packaging and value-add product should be available to small scale producers. We chose to pursue USDA inspection alongside improvements to the "usual" small scale packaging to help increase the value and sales of poultry raised locally by small farms.

We want to invite you to increase your farm's sales through improved packaging and product offerings. We know that you're here because you want your poultry to look as great as it tastes, and that's why we're passionate about providing you with high quality processing and packaging.

We can't wait to work with you.

Your butchers,

Liz & Gary Hopkins