Slaughter appointments are every Monday and Wednesday from the end of April into November. A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be assessed for each date which you book. This deposit will not be taken until we are granted USDA inspection, and you will be given notice prior to being charged. This deposit will apply to your final bill.

The minimum number of birds that we will process per producer on one day under USDA-inspection is 50. If you plan to raise less than this number at a time, we will be holding workshops on home processing throughout the season. These can be found under the "Workshops" category. Please note that all poultry processed during the workshops is not USDA-inspected, and cannot be entered into commerce (bought or sold).


  1. Choose your month in the menu on the left (desktop) or under "browse store" (mobile).
  2. Find your desired slaughter date, and use the quantity box to add the number of birds you would like to book slaughter services.
  3. Add to cart, and repeat steps 1 & 2 for each date you desire.
  4. Check out.

We will be in touch with you regarding any questions that we may have, to have you complete your cut sheet, and with helpful information about the days leading up to and the day of slaughter.

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