Little Branch Butcher Update 11/12/21 - opening postponed. Click here to read about why, and where we go from here.

Unfortunately, this is not a good update about Little Branch Butcher.

Due to the volatility of some industries right now, the property developer we were working with is not willing to take on the additional level of risk associated with building a new facility for a start up business like ourselves. 

That means we are back to the drawing board - we have ideas and plans to work on, namely one property also nearby that would be a good fit (zoned properly and great access), but we will need to get more creative in our funding and financing, which will not be something we can accomplish before our original anticipated opening date in spring 2022. 

The dream is not dead - just having to get a little more creative, which can take some more time. 

In the meantime, the two USDA poultry processors that you can reach out to for processing in 2022 are listed below. I don’t believe either of them are taking reservations for the upcoming year yet, check with them closer to the first of the year. 

Rettland Farm - Gettysburg, PA

Belmont Meats - Paradise, PA

I wish this was a better update for you, but we will keep trucking along, putting our nose to the grindstone to make LBB happen in late 2022 or spring 2023. 

Be well,